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Name: Jayaseelan
Phone: 016-635 1523 / 016-680 1503
Email: jayaseelan@vaseegarawedding.com

About Us

Your wedding is a very special moment for you and your loved one as the event marks the starting of a new life together, as a couple. Vaseegara Wedding recognises such important life events by providing excellent service in Indian wedding decoration, India wedding dinner ceremony and wedding videography. Vaseegara Wedding's aim is to provide you the best Indian wedding Malaysia on your auspicious day.

In Vaseegara Wedding, our concept is to render your beautiful wedding event into an unforgettable movie of lovely memories to both families, friends and most importantly, your love for each other.

By capturing each beautiful moment paired with Vaseegara Team in elaborate India wedding dinner decor, the movie will be a collection of beautiful images that is as individual and unique as your special day.

Vaseegara Indian Wedding decoration ensures the magic of your wedding day is something that you will share and enjoy for generations to come.

Our passion to create a perfect wedding movie that capture your love moments has been our driving force ever since 2013 when Vaseegara Wedding was established by its founder Javaseelan.

Today, Vaseegara Wedding team has grown and gained recognition for the Best Cinematography & Videography company in Indian Wedding Malaysia.